WHY  Charlton ?

It is derived from the Saxon "Cherletone"  which means the settlement or farmstead of the freemen (peasants). 

The suffixes Adam and Mackrell only appeared after the Domesday Book.

WHY  Adam ?

Charlton Adam is known to be named after the FitzHamon / FitzAdam families in the 12th century.

(more details to follow)

Also known as East Charlton.

WHY  Mackrell ?

The origin of Charlton Mackrell's name is less clear and even back in 1633 the Somerset historian Gerard of Trent had no good explanation. 

Almost certainly Mackrell also derives from a family name (it is variously recorded in early deeds as Mackerell, Makeral, Makarel, etc) but there is no clue in the manorial history.  A 1961 history of the village states that "the one individual of that name traced locally is only known to have possessed some small property in Somerton and to have died without heirs before the name was associated with the manor".

The earliest and geographically closest reference we have found is in the Calendar
of Patent Rolls for 1321:
"July 15 - Westminster
Licence for the alienation in mortmain to the prior and brethren of the hospital of St John the Baptist, Wells, of the following lands and messuages ... ... ... in Kyngton Maundeville by John Makerel of Kyngton Maundeville of 5 1/2 acres of meadow ... ..."   (This was in the adjoining parish, now known as Keinton Mandeville.)

The spelling of Mackrell is still variable! 

It includes and was at times also known as West Charlton.

WHY  Lytes Cary,  Cooks Cary,  Cary Fitzpaine?

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